AzteQ specialises in the design, supply, installation and support of heat rejection solutions. We do this professionally and successfully for all of our clients.

AzteQ can help ensure the correct equipment is used for the application and provide a cost effective solution to your specification.

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Dry air coolers successfully supplied and commissioned

AzteQ Environmental has successfully completed the supply and commissioning of three V bank dry air coolers at a prestigious building in Finsbury Square, London. The nine storey building transformation has a dynamic shared atrium space, a communal roof-terrace and has been designed for creative, media and technology occupiers.

The dry air coolers form an integral part of the air conditioning system and have been supplied with anti-vibration mounts, a control system and EC Fans.


An Adiabatic Facade

Jacir has successfully completed the supply of its first adiabatic façade, to a site in Paris. Because the building was designed with a green vegetalised roof, it made an allowance for any rooftop equipment impractical. Jacir’s designers therefore developed a new, innovative system which has been directly installed into the fabric of the building.

Jacir’s adiabatic coolers utilise humidification pads used to pre-cool the inlet air before reaching the finned coils. They operate in dry mode approx. 95 % of the year, do not require water treatment and are provided with full accessibility for any inspection/maintenance.


Heavy Duty Water Cooling Towers successfully delivered

Jacir has successfully completed the delivery of 4 RXC towers to a pulp & paper plant in Germany.

The RXC towers are part of the X-STREAM range and are specifically designed for heavy duty water; with a very low fouling factor (handling water up to 400 ppm suspended solids) and a high mechanical resistance for applications including sugar, paper, steel, and cacao.

They are supplied with centrifugal fans for low noise emission and are designed with a highly simplified access for cleaning and maintenance.


State of the art Cooling Towers using EC centrifugal fan technology

AzteQ Environmental is now supplying JACIR DTC open circuit cooling towers, utilising state of the art technology for the UK market. The towers incorporate Electronically Commutated (EC) centrifugal fans. EC technology is an intelligent way of controlling and operating such fans, leading to a significant reduction in energy and noise levels compared to conventional methods.

The pioneering design offers easy maintenance by allowing total and immediate access to all of the internals.


  • Ergonomic design for easy maintenance
  • EC technology
  • Ultra-Silent and maximum energy efficiency
  • Direct drive EC fans for no mechanical maintenance
  • Plug & Play


Ammonia Condensers for Industrial Refrigeration 

JACIR has launched an exciting and technically efficient range of ONYX adiabatic condensers. The condensers provide extensive cost savings using a hybrid platform in their design. Each condenser is a combination of a dry condenser and an adiabatic pre-cooling section. When cooling in dry mode is no longer effective the pre-cooling section lowers the ambient air temperature by evaporating water, which passes through humidifying pad media, specially designed for this purpose. This precooled air then passes through the tube coils and condenses the ammonia. Therefore, the ammonia condensing temperature is lower than ambient air temperature. For more information please email


AzteQ Environmental celebrates 15 years supplying the HVAC and industrial cooling industries.

AzteQ Environmental has enjoyed continued success for the past 15 years, suppling heat rejection equipment to the HVAC and Industrial Cooling industries. To date, it has been involved with many prestigious projects across the UK and even in these difficult and challenging times, the Company is continuing to grow its position in the marketplace.

Managing Director, Colm Roche puts this down to a number of dynamics. “I believe we try and treat each of our clients with the same level of importance and consideration, regardless of the size of the project. Our service level is our reputation and we want to maintain and improve upon this, on an ongoing basis.” Colm adds; “Furthermore, we have a very exciting range of products available, from fantastic partners and introducing cutting edge equipment such as the JACIR Hybrid Ammonia Condensers can only enhance our achievements”.

Colm and his team recently celebrated this milestone at a local hostelry, whilst socially distancing, of course!


SafeContractor Accreditation

In October 2018, AzteQ again achieved SafeContractor accreditation with Alcumus. This scheme is designed to review and audit AzteQ's Health & Safety policies, procedures and documentation. Now that the audit process has been completed AzteQ can use the SafeContractor certificate as a means of demonstrating it's level of Health & Safety compliance.  


ISO 9001:2015 

In June 2018, AzteQ successfully transitioned to ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 provides AzteQ with the latest set process management systems in order to ensure a common sense approach to our business activities to consistently achieve customer satisfaction. AzteQ's environmental management system provides a systematic way to discover and control the effects the company has on the environment and verifies compliance with current legislation.


Safecontractor Accreditation

In 2012, AzteQ achieved safecontractor accreditation. The safecontractor scheme is designed to review and audit the health and safety policies, procedures and documentation of contractors.

Safecontractor qualified auditors take into consideration industry sector and business size, providing tailored safety audits to help identify whether there is suitable and sufficient health and safety compliance within the business.

Now that the auditing process has been successfully completed, AzteQ can use the safecontractor certificate as a means of demonstrating its level of health and safety compliance


ISO 9001 : 2008 Accreditation

In 2011, AzteQ achieved ISO 9001 accreditation; the international standard for quality management systems (QMS).

This standard provides AzteQ with set process management systems in order to ensure a common sense approach to our business activities to consistently achieve customer satisfaction.